Teaching, non-teaching personnel awarded at 2017 CTU PRAISE-TAP

CTU workforce rarely gathers in huge numbers but last night was an exception for outstanding members per Revised Policies on Employees Suggestions and Incentive Awards System (ESIAS) under CSC Resolution No. 010112 and CSC MC No. 01, s. 2001 Tribute Awards Program (TAP).

Striding to the stage in yesterday’s Tribute Award Program (TAP) and Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE), recipients were coming from all corners of the Mezzo hall where groups representing the CTU campuses from north to south of Cebu were stationed.

The university acknowledges outstanding faculty.

Faculty awardees were Dr. Edwin A. Pilapil, Dr. Renissa Quiñones, and Dr. Maria Gypsy Bohol of CTU Main; Dr. Pedrito Pontillas of CTU Tuburan; Dr. Eva Agbay of CTU Argao; Dr. Mary Ann L. Dalaguit of CTU San Francisco; and Dr. Rosita Bagsit, Dr. Gilda Membrillos, Dr. Venerando Escabas, Dr. Grace Gimena, Dr. Severina Velos, and Dr. Olympia Gelardino of CTU Moalboal.

The selection committee banked on educational qualification, teaching experience, professional development, class observation rating, performance rating, student’s assessment survey, conformance to RA 6713, and awards received.

The non-teaching awardees are categorized into 2nd and 1st levels.

As for non-teaching, measured in terms of educational qualification, work experience, professional development performance rating, conformance to RA 6713, and awards received were 2nd-level awardees: Maria Beth Cabanit, Nona Fe Estolas, Dr. Rogelio John Villamor, Hazel Geverola (all four from CTU Main) and Anecito Carrillo (from CTU Argao); and 1st-level awardees: Donavelle Mantos, Chikie Maglasang, Clemente Anana (all three from CTU Main) and Elizabeth Mahinay (CTU Argao).

Honorees  survived the campus-level selection hence the overwhelming experience for making it to the university-wide level, as qualifications for nomination had to be strictly observed such as having rendered at least 3 years of continuous government service, performance rating of at least ‘very satisfactory’ and so on.

CTU announces Presidential Citation Awardees on December 20, 2017.

Presidential citation awards also complemented hard work in increasing the university’s  performance in  licensure examinations:  CTU Malabuyoc campus director Dr. Engilbert Binolirao for producing top 2 in LET, CTU Moalboal campus director Dr. Romeo Pableo for supporting CTU Malabuyoc in attaining its thrusts, CTU Main’s civil engineering department chair Prof. Joenil Lumbab for etching a mark among the country’s top ten universities, and CTU Main’s electrical engineering chairperson Dr. Helen Andolero for producing another topnotcher this year.

More awards were given for Dr. Rhodora G. Magan’s contribution to the university’s web presence, Dr. Hedeliza A. Pineda’s accreditation efforts, Dr. Doris O. Gascon’s internationalization initiatives, Dr. Edwin A. Pilapil’s K-12 transition implementation strategies, Dr. Severino R. Romano’s drive for  ISO compliance, Dr. Rachel Luz V. Rica’s dedicated service to the institution (before being accepted to manage  another school outside CTU), Dr. Roselyn Bustos’ efficient publication, Dr. Corazon P. Macachor’s work on increasing the patented technologies, and Dr. Nemia F. Zamora’s promotion of sports among students.

Former faculty regent Dr. Amelia Y. Medalle, associate professor 5, and former CTU Main College of Education dean Dr. Cecilia Elena P. de los Reyes, professor 6,  were among the 17 retirees honored in said activity.

The university honors 17 retirees across CTU campuses.

Per CTU I-TAP, “the program seeks to recognize and reward key officials, faculty and employees for their outstanding contributions and achievements in the delivery of public service.”

The annual gathering continues to uphold quality government service that exemplifies the CTU mandate to its stakeholders since its institutional implementation in 2016. RM