Baseball chemistry makes 16-3 easy win

For a team to win, chemistry is key. CTU baseball athletes from two campuses, Tuburan and Carmen, made a 16-3 easy win that secured again a slot for the national SCUAA games.

“It was really a nice game . Everybody performed well,” head coach Hector Abdon said.

In fact he said in a statement that he was careful in selecting players that resulted in collaboration, which included one from CTU Danao.

“Nalipay … ko kay bisan lain-lain nga campus nakita nako ang closeness sa mga players.”

The scorching heat and noteworthy opponent at the championship altogether pushed them so hard but successfully managed.

Aiming for the win was as not as hard as they imagined with two of their best players from Carmen and Tuburan, who led the team in today’s game.

Assistant coach Maria Leni G. Torralba observed the players’ great understanding of how teamwork could actually win games.

All northern campuses, Carmen, Tuburan and Danao now share the burden of doing the best possible means to take on the job at a higher level. RM