CTU is national tilt contender in basketball

Coach Joseph Barawidan (7th from left) seizes every opportunity to give CTU another basketball regional title this year.

A 3-point shot was all that should have delayed taking the championship, but CTU basketball team kept the opponent at bay to not get past them at the last few seconds of the game against Bohol Island State University.

Multiple floaters defined the match for the most part. Quick moves to the basket made Calape audience stay at the edge of their seats.

Cross-court passes also lifted scores on both sides, making the game more intense. A few misses though made players feel uncomfortable in their positions.

The fourth quarter determined which team had more endurance in staying locked in to finally settle the matter for another national appearance on the part of three CTU Danao players picked by CTU Main, this year’s winner for the university’s Triangular Meet.

A unique blend of two campuses [Main and Danao] this time created much impact to the dynamism already established before the regionals even started, as adapting to the former’s gameplay was not really a problem.

Coach Joseph Barawidan is set to lead the group come February at the nationals, bringing the banner of a more decisive team to possibly land a spot.