CTU-PEMA closes out year with more policies made

Policy formulation kept CTU-People Managers Association (PEMA) busy before the culmination of 2017.

Scholarship guidelines and  Freedom of Information (FOI) manual were primarily looked into during the convention that drew non-teaching personnel from CTU campuses for three days in December.

Administrative officer IV Jana Gloria Almerino spoke of how the initiative would impact CTU in terms of providing better services to stakeholders. For instance, making the non-teaching personnel aware of scholarship opportunities would allow the attainment of knowledge and skills thus transforming them to be better entities in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the FOI manual would also safeguard the interests of the university toward the promotion of transparent governance, as this lays down the procedure in accessing vital information.

The University Information, Communications and Public Affairs Office (UICPA) and University Scholarships Office (USO) were tapped to lay down data needing improvement through suggestions from members of the association.

Driven by the university’s vision, CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. and Vice President for Administration and Finance Ledesma R. Layon continue to build efficiency in the service. RM