Professor leads Mashav scholars in waste reduction measures

Mashav International course on Green Growth Policy and Implementation Tools allowed CTU Professor Mydah Kabingue and team members to concoct a plan  in reducing   the amount of wastes going to landfills in Cebu, Philippines by 20%.

The project was selected among 16 proposals from around the globe after a 30-minute pitch to an international audience. After selection, Prof. Kabingue with four others members developed further the idea and came up with an initiative to achieve Cebu’s goal of promoting a better environment that end up in Cebu City.

The project is focused on education, communication, infrastructure and research in order to hopefully improve the Cebuanos’ behavior and practices on waste management.

If the project goes well, its ultimate goal would be to establish a material recovery facility in one of its pilot areas in Cebu City.

The proponent held a meeting with the Weitz Center for Sustainable Development on the last day of the course and the center expressed their support for the project.

Prof. Mydah Kabingue presents proposal on waste management at Weitz Center in Israel.

Prof. Mydah Kabingue (Philippines) was joined by Assel Iskakova (Kazakstan), Rhoda Nyaribi (Uganda), Yuliya Babalarova  (Ukraine) and Gyawali Saroj (Nepal).

Her experience with Israeli speakers during the convention and collaboration with co-scholars in Rehovot, Israel, in December last year propelled her determination to go on with the project, which so concerns Cebu Technology University being a prime mover across Cebu province with its satellite campuses spread from north to south. (From CTU Center for Climate Change)