Holding fort as SCUAA 7 champ

With 122 gold, 105 silver and 43 bronze medals, Cebu Technological University delegation still is the regional games champion of the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA)  despite having NORSU this time as one of four opponents.

There was no stopping the athletes especially in arnis [27 gold], athletics [20 gold ], and swimming [18 gold] which contributed much to the number.

Hailed as the Philippine National Martial Art and Sport in 2009, arnis in CTU alone has drawn a number of students who get to hone their skills to win in competitions.

Other dramatic wins in badminton, for example, led to a notion that girl power could make it. Coach Joenil Lumbab empowered his players with techniques that earned his team a spot in the nationals. 


Futsal (women) never gave in to the pressure thus making the win possible on the second day of the event. Governed by the principles of persistence and passion, futsal players now face a more arduous job to succeed even more at the nationals.

Volleyball enthusiasts [men and women]  hit  top spots after challenging matches  and emerged as toughest  teams among the group. While the women had a quick cut to finish all matches, the men had been spending much time to seize the top spot. 

Both from CTU Tuburan, one of the northern campuses,  the volleyball players had come a long way to contend push to the limit.

Prior to the last tournament, CTU Main’s contender for Ms. SCUAA received the ‘Ms. Congeniality’ award. Her warmth very well represented the attitude of CTU team toward the culmination of the event especially that staying the course as regional champion is met.

More gold wins were made in chess [men], lawn tennis [women], karatedo [men], pencak silat [men], tae-kwon-do [men and women], baseball [men], basketball [men], boxing and dance sport [latin american].

Nelson Rusiana (R) overcomes opponent in the championship bout.

The dancers perform at the coronation night of Mr. and Ms. SCUAA on January 25.

University Sports Director Nemia Zamora met with CTU President  Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. yesterday to commend his promotion of sports among students and their coaches, which resulted in an overwhelming victory. RM