Japanese experts share scientific updates to College of Veterinary Medicine

Japanese researchers shared scientific discoveries to CTU Barili students and faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine on January 23.

Dr. Keishuke Suganuma from the National Research Center for Protozoal Diseases of Obihiro University presented the result of the Organization Internationale d’ Epizoites collaborative research on the non- tsetse transmitted animal trypanosomiasis, which could be linked to the devastation of the cattle and buffalo industry of Samar in 1980s caused by the trypanosome disease, trypanosoma evansi (causative agent of Surra).

He also presented findings on the new strains of the fatal venereal diseases (STD) of horses, the T. equiperdum.

Dr. Junya Yamagish, on the other hand, discussed the ‘Sequence – based Approaches of Zoonoses Control’ and the development of a technology for faster and easier genomic sequencing. With scientific advancements, mysteries of zoonotic diseases like Ebola reston and Avian Influenza may be unraveled.

The professors with CVM’s Dr. Adrian P. Ybanez invited seven veterinary student researchers to take part in the aforementioned studies and other future veterinary researches. JPR/UICPA Barili