‘Just play the game for the love of it’—Volleyball coach shares championship regimen

Coach Adeliosa Menchavez of CTU Tuburan happily talks cof  winning the volleyball championship yesterday at the 2018 Regional SCUAA Games in Calape.

“I always encourage my players to not lose hope especially during crucial games. Just play the game for the love of it,” Volleyball coach Adeliosa Menchavez spoke after the championship game at the SCUAA regionals.

NORSU team, which she considered the toughest team,  made her ponder on the secret to winning.

“It’s NORSU.It has always been them that is why we doubled our preparations.”

Having NORSU this year made her look into the possibilities of getting past the opponent that was never part in last year’s tournament.

Changing the mentality of players is definitely pursued knowing that any shift in the game’s landscape could turn down the trip to the national SCUAA games in Antique.

“I always believe that coaching is both science and art because it speaks about the knowledge and the passion in playing it.”

The team overcame BISU, CNU and NORSU to play again at the nationals. It is most assuredly another opportunity for CTU Tuburan to compete against the nation’s best.

Coach Adele saw players coping with pressure during the games by “motivating them to give their best moves, listen to each other in the court and not to listen to whatever negative comments from opponents.”

At times when ball executions were not what she expected from the players, she would always have her way.

“Best defense is the best offense. If they commit errors they have to make some adjustments so as not to repeat the mistakes.”

As the championship round progresses, thoughts ran across her mind. Her acute ability to assess the things to be worked out prevailed.

“Well, I was thinking of the training needs. I pointed out their weaknesses so that those will be the things that we need to develop like the set plays, the attack techniques and so on.”

Champions bank on special things that result in success. As for CTU volleyball team, there is one more apart from all those said that took the girls to where they should be at the moment. Talking about her strong characteristics possibly emulated by them, she spoke of her strong determination and the courage to win.

“To be at the nationals is a great achievement, but to be on top at the national level is really our goal or should I say our ultimate dream.”

The directive for herself is such that would hopefully grant CTU that position dreamed of for years now. RM