One gold, 2 silver medals in boxing

The familiar sound brought everyone to silence. It was a crucial bout for the gold medalist Nelson Rusiana, one of  CTU’s best boxers to ever play in the annual regional games of state universities and colleges (SUCs).

Rusiana and the other silver medalists Vallecer Villaver and Anthony Aguilla stunned Calape folks with knockdown punches yesterday and earlier today in the championship, forcing every opponent to stand on their knees and back down to avoid concussions most commonly.

Villaver sends opponent down [in yesterday’s bout], ending it too quickly before it went to third round.
Those were the kind of punches that halted some of the rounds with other contenders although there was one that left a CTU newbie on the canvass.

Nevertheless that was not what could weaken the stance of any of them earlier today at BISU activity center, who secured three spots for the university at the nationals.

Rusiana  went with his best blows against a NORSU boxer today, proving his national experience a big influence to his recent performance.

Staying low to avoid an opponent’s jab or using the upper body strength to sustain the rounds were some  of those seen in Rusiana’s fight.

Meanwhile, Anthony Aguilla despite following the steps of baby-face assassin Floyd Mayweather, as there was no trace of being beaten or being worn out in the ring, ended up with silver this time around.

It was definitely skill and talent combined to make one’s arm raised by the referee at the end of the bout with a unanimous decision.

For three solid rounds, non-pro boxers like Rusiana, Villaver and Aguilla have a long way to go on with the craft they have started to own.

International standards are surely making the best results out of the athletes as have been shown in successive events this year.  These are necessary as players go to higher rounds, where mere ability is never enough without abiding by the regulations.RM