Dance sport team wins 2018 regionals

Returning to the nationals are CTU Main students Kathleen Joy Diluvio and Karl Jason Baral after winning the Latin American category yesterday at the 2018 SCUAA regionals.

Dressed in black embellished with glitters that form succinct display of boldness, the costume indicated victory among contenders from region 7.

Despite having only three days of training before coming to Bohol as Kathleen admitted in an interview, the couple joined the final round once dance routines were perfectly executed to illicit response from the audience and judges.

Calape residents flocked the cultural center as performances were world-class. Jiving with the world’s latest hit songs, couples from CTU, CNU, BISU, NORSU and SSC owned the dance floor with unique routines.

Quick turns and snappy flips had Kathleen and partner going well into the night before the final call.

Kathleen and her partner have to repeat the same energy at the nationals, bearing more passion to outlast compelling dancers in February against dancers from all over the country.

For now they need to polish their steps to be able to nail their last performance yet again this year. RM