Research facility to rise in CTU Carmen

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. leads the ceremony on January 5, sustaining his vision for the university.

The new year comes with a mood-setter for CTU Carmen— optimizing  the constituents’ contribution in terms of research, as ground-breaking ceremony for the 15-million facility housing the Center for Aquatics and Center for Marine Engineering was held last Friday.

Vice President for Research Gloria G. Delan situates the campus at a strategic position where knowledge generation related to fisheries is put premium. Designated as OIC campus director in June last year, she lends support that signifies a partial yet major accomplishment in terms of research before she retires on August 14, 2018.

Research links in Japan and the recent collaboration with National Kaohsiung University in Taiwan are certain to exchange valuable ideas with CTU Carmen academics.

Vice President for Research and Development Gloria G. Delan marks year with a venue for innovation.

In her talk, she thanked University President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. for the fulfillment of the project, who also revealed a 10-million Marine Engineering building to be constructed by the time the recent undertaking shall have been accomplished for CTU Carmen. 

The campus’ marine engineering program, Dr. Delan said, is expected to draw many applicants this year now that a better space for learning is afforded to them.

Since his assumption to office in 2015, Dr. Ancheta has been eyeing for infrastructure development toward the delivery of quality services that primarily bank on scientific investigation.

The building is a big leap for the university in the northern part of Cebu, indicating a dramatic promotion of fisheries that account  for a majority of the people’s livelihood in the area. More studies could enhance potentialities inherent in the resources available in the campus and its surrounding areas.

Carmen Municipal Mayor Martin Gerard Villamor graced the affair and expressed his anticipation of a more fruitful year for the campus.

Hon. Gerard Martin Villamor (leftmost) makes his first appearance at the campus this year.

In an interview, Dr. Delan spoke of the mayor’s direction toward enriching the institutions’ capability especially that he promised a 25-million hotel to sit at Carmen’s center. The municipality’s hospitality industry would soon see more developments with the establishment of the building whose plan the mayor awaits in two weeks’ time.

She mentioned that partnership with the LGU has increased the opportunities of stakeholders thus giving CTU Carmen a bigger responsibility this year. 

Looking forward to the inauguration of the Research Center Building and two others, CTU maintains to uphold the mandate of the government. RM