Beating heat—prep rule 1 to set mind

It could have been a casual day for any athlete sans the plan of walking down the street for the parade, but region 7 was all ready to join the typical yet grand part of the week-long event for positive mental framing.

One thing in mind made the push— a medal needed to be taken home..

Colors flowed as people went with it. R7’s distinct blue and white yielding a peaceful combination depicted what it is to be in the midst of equally aggressive teams in striking colors as well.

Heads of campuses joined the flow, and athletes were feeling more than excited to take on the twists and turns of the events.

Venues sprawled around Antique for athletes and coaches to be in.

Region 7 hopes to win big in arnis with so many of its player wearing that testament around the neck at regionals.

Volleyball, baseball, boxing, athletics, swimming, chess, and karatedo are anticipated to contribute to the region’s medal tally. ICPA