BSHM student snaps trip to finals but keeps bronze

The cruise ship might be her surest spot after a year as she plans to travel the world for free, but the present victory suggests that the BSHM bronze medalist Niñalyn Jumamoy   has to pursue being a taekwondo player, at least, before she takes her dream job.

Jumamoy got past the first contender before she had the defending champion who impeded her from getting the gold medal at the ongoing SCUAA national games in Antique.

“I was never threatened by region 6 representative,” Jumamoy straightforwardly talked of her initial feel of the game.  

She saw her way of playing at the outset, which made her finish the bout before the second round.

A  bantamweight contender, she thought of feeling badly shaken at the thought of having the defending champion as her second rival.

The latter who sent her opponent  [from another region] scoreless last year was what made her nervous.

She regretted not being able to focus on the basic and advanced kicks at the stomach and head [2 and 4 points respectively].

Height advantage scared her off also, so she unwittingly revealed her disappointment. 

Winning her first national SCUAA title was what consoled her somehow though grabbing bronze and silver medals in several tournaments such as CVIRAA,  Little Milo Olympics, and the  Philippine  Taekwondo Association (PTA) is commonplace for her. ICPA