‘GO CLEAN’ sparks interest among constituents

CTU Main—Campus Director Januario L. Flores Jr. lauded the students faculty, and staff for committing to the ‘Go Clean’ campaign launching earlier today.

Dr. Flores aims at transforming constituents’ behavior toward achieving a healthier space for learning.

“If we can encourage students and staff to be involved in this program, it will give them a sense of pride.”

Dr. Januario L. Flores Jr. (C) materializes his ‘Go Clean’ campaign with AB Local Governance and Administration (LGA) students, one of the groups attending the launching on February 12, 2018 at CTU Main.

The proposal was thought of in the previous months, which Dr. Flores realized as a decisive move to end the culture of negligence leading to wasted resources in the main campus.

Garbage problem, though not an exclusive concern, affects the campus’ image to its clients; hence, the campaign is but necessary to sustain the environment of 14,000 students.

Commitment wall signing drew primarily the faculty and staff while students would have to undergo first a  series of ‘Go Clean’ orientations facilitated by the guidance office before they could sign.


Driven by the same advocacy, University Director for Climate Change Mydah F. Kabingue  took her time at the ceremony sharing concepts she learned in Israel, being one of the scholars trained on waste management.

She emphasized on giving CTU a break when it comes to putting up a recycling center that would be first in the province once plans with her Israeli mentor would push through.

Some 200 students and faculty came to take part in the event made possible by the campus director’s office, Student’s Affairs Office, Guidance Office and the University Information, Communications, and Public Affairs (ICPA). KML