Monozukuri Project delivers promise to Cebuanos

CTU Vice President for Production, Extension and Business Affairs Edgar U. Tibay (1st from left) learns best applications of monozukuri principle  in Japan  last year.

The closing ceremony on January 25 at the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) marked the completion of Japan’s cooperation with Cebu schools through the Saitama-Cebu Comprehensive HR Monozukuri Project, which provided new perspectives in manufacturing industry.

Started in 2016 with  (USJR) as the project’s pioneer recipient, it later on tied up with two more—Cebu Technological University (CTU) and University of San Carlos (USC) to increase the number of  engineering students to learn the monozukuri priciple.

Monozukuri is a Japanese manufacturing philosophy that hinges on responsibility, attitude, product quality, adaptability to technology, and practical use of resources all leading to customer’s satisfaction.

Japan Prefectural Government and Japan Cooperation Agency (JICA) as sponsors had their promise delivered to the participants  with conduct of trainings, tree planting, job shadowing, and immersion in Japan.

In November, CTU Vice President for Publication, Extension, and Business Affairs (PEBA) Edgar U. Tibay and other administrators went to Japan to learn new administrative operations of its government, offices and learning institutions following the trip of eleven engineering students including  Robinson C. Igot Jr.  and Jefferson Carreon in October of 2016, that challenged participants to emulate the diverse applications of the monozukuri principle.

Not just the monozukuri effect on production is observed but also the core of Japanese culture which basically strengthens  connections between their companies and Philippine universities especially in Cebu. UICPA