OTOP transforms community

Cebu Technological University production experts Dr. Renissa Quiñones and Dr.Corazon Macachor conducted  livelihood training for the establishment of One Town One Product (OTOP) store in the Municipality of Pinamungajan on February 5 through 9.

Beneficiaries were the members of women association, yearning to boost economic gains thus empowering them as Dr. Quiñones pointed out.

Techniques and alternatives to keep CTU  patented products useful  engaged the women over the weekend with LAMAC Multipurpose Cooperative providing the support system.

Shared products were  virgin coconut oil, liquid hand wash, shrimp cookies, moisturizing lotion, coconut-water-treated fish in tomato (Spanish Style), gluten- free-calcium-enriched pineapple and buko pies,  pizza, coconut-water-treated Kench salted sardines and gluten-free-calcium-enriched banana and cassava cakes.

Participants hoped for more applications of knowledge gained from the activity. They also committed to disseminating the information in the community. KML