R7 is badminton champion

from left: Efraen Droña (CTU Danao), Jessa Mae Gepanaga (NORSU) Mea Armian (CTU Carmen), , Angelie Alipan (CTU Main),and Mylene Bantilan (CNU)

Anyone can tell that moving forward in the tournament without defeat means championship emblem is on sight, and no one wants to let go of it.

Mea Armian (CTU Carmen), Jessa Mae Gepanaga (NORSU), Angelie Alipan (CTU Main), Mylene Bantilan (CNU) and Efraen Droña (CTU Danao) made the perfect mix to justify region 7 oneness, resulting in the first-ever gold win at the national SCUAA games.

Prof. Mildred Malapungit who accompanied the girls all throughout the games had witnessed the fruition of their determination.

More than their inner drive she remarked: “In God’s perfect time, all things are possible.”

The girls maintained composure until NCR was finally given a statement on the court that championship DNA also resides in region 7.

Region 7 beats NCR (2nd group from left, first row) and Region 6 (1st group from left)  at the final round of badminton (women) at University of Antique on February 22.

Toppling teams one after another, the girls described to ICPA their unwavering support to each other.

Gepanaga spoke of how teammate Alepan found her weakness that should be overcome to complement well the force shown by Armian, as both had played for doubles while Alepan for singles.

Not just Alepan but Prof. Leoncio Lucero Jr. [in lieu of Coach Jeonel Lumbab] saw the need to mitigate distraction at the championship rally.

Looking at the guidelines, he found it unbecoming for spectators to use mechanisms that prevent his players from positioning themselves to work their way out.

Following his explicit contention, the players had found their rhythm and dropped their inhibitions to secure first title in many years.

Lucero’s take on what had transpired for the girls was primarily banked on sincere motivation, which iterated words of wisdom from Cong. Monsour del Rosario at the opening ceremony on Sunday—“No one can coach desire.”

Prof. Leoncio Lucero (C)  and Prof. Mildred Malapungit (6th from left) provide support to the girls until championship goal is reached.

Graduating this year, Alepan and Armian were thankful for the latest triumph on their last year.

Almost teary-eyed, Alepan praised the dedication of Coach Lumbab and the support from University Sports Director Nemia Zamora.

Region 7 now bears record as defending champs for the next national tilt. ICPA