Sheer talent shows in newbie boxer

Landing strategic punches on someone is a pro’s job. But who would believe silver medalist Villaver Valleser moves like one despite not having formal training?

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering student Villaver Valleser of CTU Danao caught everyone by storm at the SCUAA 7 regional games in Calape, Bohol. His present position is a milestone; he has just proven that sheer talent is inherent in his medium-sized build and shy disposition.

At 20, Valleser knows nothing except having a father who is a boxer, and he thinks he shares that quality with him. 

A Boholano himself, he admitted a sort of motivation that keeps him and four siblings sports-oriented. Danao campus has given him the opportunity to test the waters and see if he could make it. And yes he did. 

He recalled how simple everything was during the competition, which signaled composure fit for someone brewing with that special ability.

“If naa inside sa ring relax lang … . Just enjoy the game to avoid pressure . Just focus.”

He nailed it. The elimination round meant a knockdown win for him. His footwork, agility, focus, and stamina were keeping him in good shape that he ended the fight so quickly before anyone noticed it.

Although lagging behind the winner at the final round, still his ability explains why he was not battered.

Worthy of emulation, he spoke with humility after the match despite manifesting that bankable ability possessed by elite fighters.

“If gusto sila mahimong boxer, dapat i-love sa nila ang sport. Unya dapat mag-expect nalang sila nga kapoy ug hago gud siya nga sport. Dili magtinapolan sa training… .”

Driven with passion, his advice resonates to aspirants, who could never escape sacrifice and discipline as pointed out.

His anticipation for the wear and tear of the body very well echoes what he wants in life.

More than anything, his desire to uphold family pride is what’s really keeping him up.

“Gusto sad ko nga ma-proud akong parents especially akong papa kay naa man nako iyang pagka-boxer.” UICPA/RM