Silver makes huge difference for sepak takraw at nationals

Region 7 (blue) meets with NCR at the championship round on February 21 at Antique National School.

The defining moment of sepak takraw (men) came at the outset. They felt it; they knew it; they took it home.

Region 7  played at the highest level, but it wasn’t until the second to the last round that they understood how much adrenaline was so required to close out the semis against region 3 with a win.

Undoubtedly, they were catching fire that burnt well for them to take the first medal at the national SCUAA games—a silver made a huge difference.

Decisive positioning heading to the nationals was evident right from the start. At the culmination of the regionals in Bohol two weeks ago with Negros Oriental State University heralded as champion,  three were eyed from other state universities to complete the roster of region 7.

Joeseler Ypil and Clint Mar Sinadjan of CTU Danao and Dennis Bautista of Bohol Island State University (BISU) made the team even more compact.

Admittedly, picking spikers Ypil and Sinadjan who would play in the first and second regu while Bautista for  third regu in all rounds would mean that NORSU coach Jose P. Guluan II and trainer John Anthony Cabildo found strength in them.

Creating that balance in players from three SUCs upon arrival in Antique, Guluan and Cabildo were determined to try bending stiffer teams that have had gone to the finals multiple times over.

As depicted in their loud cheers, that desire was burning, and the group went for a huddle—even ending the round at 8 in the evening on Tuesday to cement the semis spot played the next day.

The second regu bounces back in the fight against the defending champs.

Region 3 proved weaker as region 7 went head on to face the consistent championship rival, NCR team.

Despite falling short, first regu tekong Warleccs Lecciones mentioned to ICPA how deeply felt was landing second place at the national arena.

Second tekong Adrean Dayucos sincerely uttered the gravity of the accomplishment that without brotherhood knitting them, the medals would not have been hanging around their necks now.

Ypil contributed much to the team’s aggressiveness as well, being the first player from  Central Visayas to have received the “best spiker” accolade.

Joeseler Ypil shares [to ICPA] his thoughts on becoming the best spiker at the national tournament.

On being awarded as such, he gave back the honor and glory to God, commended CTU coach Arthur Galo and appreciated much trainer Henry Danlag for staying with him [and Sinadjan], telling them what needed to be executed as they played the series of competitions at Antique National School.

Talking to ICPA on Thursday night, the group conceded to NCR’s best practices. They were determined to do best next year and go for the higher level of diligence that makes any team a champion.

With the exceptional feel of being one of this year’s SCUAA medalists, the players had the  collective attitude of paying tribute to their parents once they get home—a paramount concern to punctuate their greatest success thus far. ICPA