Spiking from the other side–Ypil, Sinadjan play for NORSU team of R7

Failing to clinch the championship battle at the regionals in Bohol,  CTU sepak takraw spikers Joeseler Ypil and Clint Mar Sinadjan proceed to the nationals, this time with Negros Oriental State University team.

Ypil and Sinadjan showed off multiple cartwheels and bikes that proved hard-hitting balls on opponents’ bodies. With high game IQ, both are expected to contribute much to region7’s representative at the nation’s prestigious convention of state universities and colleges in Iloilo to officially open today at the University of Antique.

“We expect nga mukuha gyud sila [NORSU] kay nakita na nila ang ilang weakness nga kulang gyud sila ug spiker,” Ypil spoke to ICPA.

Facing the NCR team, Joe considers it  a major challenge and believes that only “the best of the best” from different regions deserve to compete.

Ypil has been a habitue of national games while Sinadjan once played for the National Capital Region during his stay at Rizal State University.

As he and teammate head to SCUAA National Games 2018, Ypil remarked—“Makahatag ug dungug sa school ug sa region… ug labaw sa tanan makahatag ug kalipay sa kaugalingun kay makaduwa sa sports nga  gustu namu.

Sinadjan, on the one hand, poignantly reverberated his thoughts on how he was given the push by people who remain positive for his activities.Therefore he thinks of “winning,  enjoyment and ‘makaila ug bag-u nga higala’.”

However, the sentiment for his own team back in Danao was never set aside—“Nindut unta tu kung ang makauban namu sa nationals kay ang amu’ng team … kay kaila nami tanan…kauban g’yud mi sa trainings… naa g’yud mi amu’ng kaugalingon strategies ug techniques nga angay i.execute… But sad to say sa duwa naa man g’yud mapildi [referring to their loss at the regionals]… .

Both players, though a bit isolated from the NORSU group, pressed on and set eyes on blending in the next few days to end up the way every team wants it.

Non-CTU team of region 7 rely on CTU players not just in sepak takraw but also in badminton (men), basketball (women), football (men), karatedo (men), lawn tennis (men), pencak silat (men), and table tennis (men). ICPA