CTU scientist is among Asia’s Top 100

“Inquisitive mind” was Dr. Lanndon A. Ocampo’s reason why he was  named one of Asia’s Top 100 scientists in recent Asian Scientist 2018 ranking.
Ranked 47th by the  prestigious publisher in Singapore, Dr. Ocampo drew much of the points from his national and international endeavors in  scientific research and leadership.
“It seems that you have done something very significant in your field… . Sharing God’s gift to others is really fulfilling.”  
Qualifications were based on the award given last year by the National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NST PHL), where he received an Outstanding Young Scientist Award for his major contributions to  Philippine manufacturing and supply chain sector.
His mentality toward research has created in him the habits of “not hesitating to ask questions, attending trainings, reading  journals, gaining focus, having patience, and  absorbing criticisms.”
Dr. Ocampo has published numerous papers in ISI-indexed journals and is a member of the board of Sub Journals in Advance Production Engineering Management and Proceeding in Manufacturing System. He is also the editor-in-chief of the  International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering IGI Global and an associate editor of the Multidisciplinary Journals (USJ-R) and Tropical Technology Journals (CTU).
Being a productive researcher, inventor, and innovator, Dr. Ocampo has conducted a series of seminar-workshops since last year for CTU faculty to be engaged in knowledge generation.
Not only has he honed  academics but also  students in the  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering program at CTU Main.
He told ICPA that everyone should write a paper, present it and willingly accept  further corrections and recommendations. ICPA