Experts return home after a year of teaching in Ethiopia

Dr. Paul K. Zabala, Dr. Gerwine J. Medio, Dr. Pedro Y. Quemada, Dr. Joecyn N. Archival, and Dr. Paterno C. Fernandez received warm greetings by colleagues in CTU Main at the welcome party last week following a  year of teaching in eastern Africa. 

Their trip was in accordance with the memorandum of agreement signed by CTU and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institute (TVETI), which allowed five professors to hone graduate schools students whom Ethiopian government sees as primary players  in  building the country’s  capability for global competitiveness.

“The problems for the development in Ethiopia is higher education itself,” Dr. Zabala echoed his main observation at the welcome ceremony.

Fuelled by the thought, he encouraged colleagues   to work hard to attain   Ethiopia’s primary goal.

Apart from the inspiration, other members, however, shared setbacks during their stay such as the 3-km walk from their house to the university and culture shock.

Despite the constraints, they are very thankful for the opportunity of sharing expertise and knowledge gained from the experience.

Faculty mobility has allowed academics from the College of Technology and College of Engineering to fulfil some of the universities targets in line with the ASEAN mandate. KML/ICPA