DOST Sec. Dela Peña lauds CTU for fulfilling mandate

DOST Sec. Fortunato D. Dela Peña visited Cebu Technological University on Friday, April 27, to look into its major developments.

Department of Science and Technology Sec. Fortunato D. Dela Peña lauded CTU during his visit on Friday for opening two research centers in Argao and Barili campuses recently.

“Indeed, CTU is now making its way into more innovative technologies and equipment. The center will lead to more effective research outputs that are demanded in agriculture, forestry and renewable resources,” said Sec. Dela Peña.

He intends to mark his position in DOST with major accomplishments through SUCs doing projects and extension programs, impacting the lives of people especially the marginalized communities.

“What’s essential is that we can offer much access to those who are willing to conduct researches and provide various information related to S&T because it is very useful for them to not just complete their projects … but also to consider careers in science and technology.”

Special recognition was afforded to CTU especially in the area of production. His quick tour in the production department with Technology Research Center Director Corazon  Macachor had the secretary taste some of  the university’s  patented products.

Having all DOST-funded projects efficiently  managed, CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. was guaranteed Dela Peña’s support toward sustaining the university’s vision. UICPA