FabLab to open in CTU Tuburan

The region’s third fabrication laboratory (FabLab) will open this year in Cebu Technological University Tuburan to enhance the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the northern part of Cebu, simulating the activities done in the first two facilities in Bohol and UP Cebu.

The 10-million FabLab houses state-of-the-art equipment as: 3D printer with power converter, laser cutter with power converter, print and cut machine with power converter, large CNC milling machine with dust collector, desktop CNC milling machine, industrial sewing and embroidery machine, 3D scanner with monitor, digital storage oscilloscope, DC power supply, and function generators.

Being the project cooperator, CTU Tuburan caters primarily to students and enterprises—local coconut fashion craft industries, eco-tourism establishments, wood furniture industries, graphic artists and designers, local restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

Campus Director Pedrito Pontillas and the Department of Trade and Industry intend to promote the country as an investment destination for information, communication, wellness, and manufacturing. 

A Fablab is a global space-sharing concept that gives art and design students, professionals, micro, small, and medium enterprises access to advanced prototyping, printing, and related equipment as well as training and workshop facilities. ICPA Tuburan