International students welcomed; Middle eastern, African links soar

For the first time in a couple of years, CTU international students received formal welcome from the CTU president at the ceremony last week.

Foreign students for academic year 2017-2018 (all from  CTU Main) are: Idris Mohamed from Eritrea (4th year BS Mechanical Engineering), Muhamad Kalsam (BS Industrial Technology major in Automotive) and Ahmad Rajab Kenina from Syria (1st year BS Mechatronics);  Bassam Aljahsh (1st year BS Hospitality Management), Ashraf Albreem (Doctor in Public Administration), and Faisal Mohamed Hassan Olayan from Palestine (1st year BS Information Communication Technology); Salah Osama Yousif Mohamed from Sudan (1st year BS Mechatronics); Eddie Harrison from the USA (1st year BS Industrial Technology major in Furniture and Cabinet Making); Balalaemi Gabriel Seiyaboh  (Master in Engineering Technology) and  Kenneth Uzoma from Nigeria (Master of Science in Industrial Technology).

They were introduced to the university’s policies, key officials and oriented on the country’s culture, specifically that of Cebu’s unique style. This is enriched with videos on cross-cultural communication prepared by the AB English students.

International lecturers Prof. Kevin Bruce Deitle and  Engr. Dave Gould, who teach outcomes-based education in CTU Argao and Information, Communication Technology courses in CTU Tuburan respectively, were also featured during the event. Both have served the university for two years now.

Moreover, Dr. Hoon Young Choi from Korea, who had taught CTU students the Korean language,  also attended the event and threw the  Korean Pizza Party. 

With the activity, the university is finally able to comply with the mandated task that capitalizes on foreign students engagement. ICPA/ASEAN Integration and Internationalization