Internet infra expert to visit California for global summit

Prof. Johannes M. Camasura is one of the world’s technology leaders  invited to the  2018 Internet2 Global Summit in California next month to put premium on innovative networking infrastructure tailored for education communities.

“Bigger tasks ahead,” said CTU Director for Innovation, Automation and Computing, who has been working on the university’s connectivity to enhance work efficiency among satellite and extension campuses.

A letter from Washington, D.C. dated March 21, 2018 from Internet2 global engagement manager Urszula Chomicka was sent to the United States Consulate for Prof. Camasura to be issued  a B-1 non-immigrant status Visa.

“Though quite nervous about it, I’m looking forward to meeting with  the consul by the end of the month to finally assure myself of the much-needed pass.”

The opportunity came following the CTU president’s approval of Prof. Camasura’s being a project staff  of PCARI Research and Instructional Infrastructure for Mentoring and Collaboration (PRIME) which provides high-quality connectivity resources to project teams of the CHED-funded Philippine-California Advanced Research Institute (PCARI).

Initiating the request for Prof. Camasura to be part of the team was CTU PCARI-PRIME project leader Roel Ocampo who works closely with Prof. Raamah Rosales of CTU to be an observer of a PCARI project by Dr. Michael Velarde of UP Diliman—IHITM 2016-13: Establishment of a Philippine Cancer Phenome-Biobanking System and Biomonitoring Program.

The initial step led to a major leap as PRIME decided to deploy videoconferencing and networking equipment to facilitate academic collaborations among people who would want real-time interaction via live streaming.

Prof. Rosales has since used the equipment in  CTU through Prof. Camasura’s lever-3 expertise, giving means for learned groups such as agriculture experts in CTU Barili to benefit from the knowledge delivered by professors from renowned universities abroad.

PRIME projects generally support communication through  high quality connectivity infrastructure, which Camasura and the rest of the attendees would be focusing on for possible innovations.

Moreover, he told ICPA that he’s taking the all-expense-paid trip more seriously especially that it could dramatically improve the university’s performance toward global engagement, owing to the capability of Internet2, a research consortium of more than 200 top universities worldwide, in getting the best ideas for best results. ICPA