Taiwanese students arrive in July for ESL Program

Students from Taiwan’s National Kaohsiung University and Applied Sciences (NKUAS) are set to come to CTU Danao in July  for the ESL program.

Hosting the participants for  5 weeks starting July 1,  CTU instructors—Prof. Grace Gay Cabellon [for reading], Dr. Doris Gascon [for writing], Prof. Shelalaine Romulo [for listening], and Dr. Rhodora G. Magan [for speaking]— share expertise  in honing the macro skills to help international students become proficient in the  English language.

Participants not only experience fun in the north’s serene environment and vibrant taste of the countryside but also drink in the wonderful scenes of some of Cebu’s world-renowned destinations— Camotes Island, Cordova,Oslob and Baidan— for memorable perks that would soon teach them to embrace the  Cebuano culture. 

The Centennial Building at CTU Main  may be an alternative for the students’ accommodation in case they exceed the expected number. ICPA