NSTP director to lead region 7

The Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and Implementers, Inc. (PSNEI) promises more goals to materialize through newly elected PSNEI Region VII Director Asuncion Monsanto, who got a majority of votes at the  conference in Bacolod last month.

“It is an unexpected opportunity and responsibility not just for me but for the university, as it will put us in direct connection with every PSNEI program across the nation,” said Monsanto.

She thought it would positively impact the direction of the university’s NSTP programs, which has recently launched students to various activities.”

Engr. Monsanto has been the focal person for NSTP in CTU Main since 2015, giving her privileges to be more efficient in seeing the job done.  Best performances during tactical inspections are some of those achievements that echo the type of execution she has for the responsibility.

She is expected to meet with other regional directors for the oath taking in Manila on June 23, adding a compelling task to her  being a professor of pure sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences. UICPA