‘Future demands integration’: CTU President

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. addressed the delegates to the 3rd International Research, Development and Extension (RDE) Management Congress and 28th National PHILARM Convention last week and put emphasis on ASEAN Integration: A New Horizon for Research, Development, and Extension Management :

“The future demands integration, interconnectedness, and interdependence and we are compelled to embrace these unfamiliar concepts if we are to ever move forward.

This century is one filled with apprehensions and uncertainties. As we delve deeper into this era, we must always expect problems and challenges to arise in our journey towards overall progress. These challenges and problems will undoubtedly require new solutions and innovations, which in turn would necessitate a departure from our traditional methods and answers.

Through innovation and intensification of our research, development and extension efforts, these seemingly insurmountable obstacles would then actually prove to be quite manageable. However, this would require that our research processes also adapt and continue to improve.

This commitment to regional cooperation and collaboration must necessarily extend in research and development, being our primary tool in addressing various societal and economic problems in the modern era. To do this, one must adopt an attitude of openness and willingness to learn new methodologies and adopt proven practices in this field.

The onset of the ASEAN Integration, therefore, must be seen as one providing an opportunity for such aspirations. But more significantly, it must also be deemed as one that pushes forth a demand out of necessity: “adapt and adopt or perish”. Nations and institutions must not limit their conceptualization of research in the confines of their own localities, but must see to it that it is capable of addressing the bigger picture presented by the force of globalization.”

Dr. Edgar Tibay, vice president for production, extension and business affairs, coordinated with PHILARM to “strengthen the RDE management capability of researchers and research organizations in the ASEAN region; further enhance the RDE managers establish international collaboration in the field of Research and Development and Extension; and share the best practices in managing RDE programs and research institutions.”

Citing William D. Dar, founder of Inang Lupa Movement, Inc., Dr. Tibay is amenable to the idea that productivity of research outputs is through patenting of utility models,  industry adoption and sustainable commercialization in the market.

This and more allows ASEAN members to further the goal of oneness as Dr. Ancheta mentioned, which has accounted for the region’s resilient stance through the years. ICPA