IRIS ‘future-proofs’ CTU; opportunities and risks of 4th industrial revolution loom

Dr. Adrian Ybañez, CTU vice president for research and development, joins the IRIS 2018 Leadership Training Course in August on behalf of CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr.

Bracing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a necessity for Cebu Technological University, prompting participation of the  Vice President for Research and Development Adrian Ybañez to hurdle the research agenda of the era.

The Institutes for Research Innovation and Scholarship  (IRIS) 2018 Presidential Leadership Course centered training on leadership in Philippine universities to “navigate through the opportunities, manage risks and hurdles, and strategically align universities in the face of fast-changing and revolutionary developments of the digital-genomic age,” as stated in the conference proceedings.

IRIS pointed out the requisites which put  men and women as managers of knowledge creation and transfer, where exploration of university leadership skills  becomes a potent factor.

Increased productivity of constituents  is seen to bank on  not just   tested tools and strategies but also novel approaches to ignite the  capabilities of stakeholders.

IRIS aims at empowering the country’s  intellectual capital through solutions-driven platforms in research and innovation through its senior advisory members—
scientists, researchers, scholars, and esteemed leaders in the government, industry and academe.

As the country’s leading  one-stop shop for R&D talents and resources, IRIS lends CTU strength in advancing its collaborative intent. UICP