Professor reduces fat content in sardines—a healthier option for Pinoys

CTU Professor Corazon Macachor’s   research—Coconut Water-Treated Bottled Sardines in Tomato Sauce—gained support from DTI, media outlets and fish companies following her discovery of the matured coconut water which reduces fat content in sardines by 3%.

Commonly, sardines sold in the market have an acidic aftertaste  caused by the high fat content; hence, her study is offering a frugal option toward a healthier lifestyle for Filipinos.

Dr. Macachor shared how she first tried washing  ‘banak’ (mullet) with matured coconut water before it was marinated.  Having a  flavorful result, the process led her to try it with sardines.  

Accustomed to using virgin coconut oil (VCO) in her researches, she shared her fondness for the ingredient that pushed her to explore on the possibilities. 

The DTI,  ANC, DZMM, and Go Negosyo Center have now looked into this breakthrough.The fish company (Fish2Go) based in Cavite had shown great interest that an immediate offer was given at the conference.

Technicom has allocated 4 million for technology transfer. As of late, an agency is facilitating community transformations through the research-based livelihood.

Dr. Macachor and two other members have continuously fulfilled the  research agenda of the university. UICP