Trapila’s trail: Electrical Eng’g Dept. predicts topnotch rank

“We knew he’d make it to the top,” CTU Main Electrical Engineering Dept. chair Helen Andolero told UICPA of how the department anticipated his name to be in the top 10—opposite to what Engr. Mark Rene Trapila thought of the outcome, in a separate interview.

Engr. Trapila, who now looks forward to a corporate undertaking, landed 9th place in the 2018 Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination.

“He graduated magna cum laude and led team in winning the regional quiz show last year,” Engr. Andolero recounted Trapila’s superb track.

Engr. Mark Trapila (C) and members champion the 2017 regional quiz show.

Poignantly talking about his struggles resulting in persistence,Trapila did part-time job at a whale-watching spot in southern Cebu while studying.

Another motivation  was having a big family which to him meant pursuing a scholarship in one of the southern  private high schools, whose curriculum earned him a DOST slot when he attended college.

“I desire for new things. It has always been my passion to learn more each time,” he told UICPA.

As he poured in diligence to learning new things, Engr. Andolero and other professors noticed his unique study habits perfected overtime. His Manny Villar Excellence Award at the graduation in April had defined his acute sense of determination in life.

EE Dept. has always gained distinctions in quiz shows and licensure exams year after year, tempered by two things which the dept. chair revealed—“…patience and humility… .”  UICPA