Batch 30 jets off to the Netherlands for horticulture internship

Jetting off to the Netherlands last week, CTU Barili interns are once again looking forward to an exciting immersion with experts in Europe’s horticulture center.

Batch 30—-Daisy Torino, Whenchell Baran Pangalay, Edivine Abendan Remedios, Ursal Jessa, Salvacion Garde, Caryll Caine Servan Cardines, Emmanuel Veloz Tenebroso, Kim Steven Lopez, Junmar Dela Cruz Kyamko—-braces for the authentic experience for 6 months.

Plant breeding, hydroculture, and producing unique plant varieties are expected of them like the previous batches who had shared innovative techniques with host companies.

CTU Barili has had compelling stories from interns who had been at the center of the world’s flora and fauna industry.

This has been a major breakthrough for the College of Agriculture in that more and more could be expected from partner industries that have worked with the university for years now. AII/UICPA