CTU delighted by dialogues around home economics national platform

“We are happy that we had contributed to the nation’s progress,” said CTU Production Director Nerissa Quiñones in a statement following the national training on home economics and technology co-hosted by the university on September 20 through 22.

Innovating bits and pieces of home economics is needful even now that the nation has transitioned to the K-12 paradigm, which lent reason for CTU to work with Tarlac State University’s Home Economics and Technology Teachers Organization of the Philippines Inc. (HETTOP).

Per agreement signed in April, CTU and HETTOP were to provide skills competencies training on home economics, agriculture and fishery arts, industrial arts, and information computer technology before an SUC in Davao will take its turn to host next year’s national convention.

Apart from securing the venue, CTU’s involvement in the process was more on sharing ideas that have gained national commendation as retired University Professor Corazon Macachor’s coconut-water treated products and Prof. Nerissa Quiñone’s gluten-free creations.

In a letter to CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr., HETTOP President Felicitas Quilondrino  stressed on the need for aforesaid faculty insofar as expertise is concerned.

Prof. Quiñones was gratified at the thought that a handful of  DepEd participants were there to learn from research-based products that spur, by and large, the economy. UICPA