CTU engineering professor is TOME 2018

Dr. Ronald M. Galindo of the College of Engineering (CTU Main) now has to count himself in among hall of famers being this year’s “The Outstanding Mechanical Engineer (TOME)” in the field of community service.

Qualified by the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME), Dr. Galindo was honored at the 66th PSME Annual Convention in the nation’s capital last week.

The organization annually holds the event and chooses recipients of Fellow, TOME and PSME Accomplishment and Service Awards.

Awardees are gauged in terms of years of active service/membership in PSME, endorsement from the Chapter’s Board of Directors, and exceptional service in the workplace.

Engr. Galindo presently serves COE as assistant dean and recently led a group of mechanical engineers to champion this year’s national quiz show.

CTU to date has two TOME awardees including TOME 2016 honoree Dr. Edgar Tibay, CTU vice president for publication, extension and business affairs. UICPA