New NRCP members bared

A CTU coalition takes form at the National Research Council of the Philippines Associate following announcement of successful applicants recently.

Registering a total of 32 regular and associate memberships, the CTU group puts across a clear message on articulating research skills to avail of research grants and various types of support toward scientific works and professional learning .

Working on the main goal of furthering members’ capabilities, NRCP is committed to building success on sessions, technical fora and more.

CTU Vice President for Research Adrian Ybañez had invited NRCP in July to talk more on the benefits in store for aspiring members.

The council’s campaign has drawn much interest from the following CTU personnel : OCAMPO, Lanndon A. , LABIAGA, Alita S., PEPITO, Ador R., PEREZ, Zandro O., MANGUBAT, Jivulter C., OBISO, Jun-Jun A., PALCONIT, Maria Gemel B., QUIÑONES, Hubert G., PASCUAL, Pet Roey L., BUATES, Maria Donna F., DEL FIERRO, Esperanza M., LARGO, Francis Eric C., LITERATUS, Jonita V., MABULAY, Christine C., TIU, Ann Myril C., CATUBIS, Kent Marcial L.,UNGUI, Ruben M., ALMERINO, Porferio M., NUEVO, Richie U., ABAQUITA, Rowena P., ABEJO, Maximino R., ATOR, Jeffrey B., CULPABLE, Rex V., DALAGUIT, Angelo B., MONDEJAR, Jeremy P., NAGSUBAN, Jocel L., OCAMPO, Christine Omela V., VALLENTE, Dante T., MONDEJAR, Hershey P., ANCHETA, Rosein Jr. A., KILAT, Ronnel Victor B., and GARRIDO, Collin C. UICPA