Celebrating 9 years of CTU as university

Turning things into GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES
is the core of HIS PRESIDENCY .

November 10, 2018 marked the 9th anniversary of Cebu Technological University as a university. Hosting the affair was CTU Danao that opted to gather everyone on the 9th as it was a Friday with at least ten representatives from each campus certainly attending.

Having been offered the chance to host twice in a row, CTU Danao had once again concocted the mix—-smashed pots metaphorically sending a message of opening up surprises for another year, lined-up umbrellas forming technicolor shades high above the open venue, elegant booths serving guests with extension products, merriment in the evening socials featuring some of the university’s best performers, pink treats that pampered men and women and the friendly ball games that ignited spirits.

But how to best lay down the significance of the commemoration is precisely the most important means to draw everyone’s attention to the event dubbed “CTU @ 9.”

It has been three years since Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. took office in 2015, yet his accomplishments have far exceeded what anyone could expect.

His administration is by far the golden era of the CEBU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY—-celebrating an average of 5 topnotchers per year; sending students and academics to national platforms and international dialogues; inaugurating more than 10 buildings for quality instruction, intensive research, and massive production of research-based products; securing more than 100 million worth of research grants and scholarships; supporting global advocacies; optimizing the university’s web presence; offering more than 50 degree programs; publishing manuals for efficient operation and more.

THE MAGNITUDE OF THE PRESIDENT’S PORTFOLIO goes back to the first few months of his administration up to the present which articulates his purest of intentions to carving CTU’s niche in the globe.

Carrying all 23 campuses (including 5 extension campuses added in his reign), Dr. Ancheta deserves such an accolade of a PREMIER LEADER whose being an ASEAN engineer resonates well in his way of engineering the university such that getting past high-profile institutions in the country is now within easy reach. Liberating academics from slumber to doing research is one index of success his portfolio is measured, since research was, is and will be the ultimate yardstick upon which other thrusts are gauged.

It has been three years since he decided to take on the wheel new to him, but not even once did anyone see him falter in executing his responsibilities even if it would mean spanning thousands of miles to reach Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Holland, U.S.A., which were some of his trips to seal pacts with high-performing universities.

Internships have been enriched thus learning new ideas and best practices from foreign experts; academics immersed in research collaborations with top-rank specialists in renowned facilities and laboratories; new master’s degree in Poland to satisfy the need for efficient logistics plans and many more. International mobility among students and faculty is another index of success by which CTU is known to the global community.

With what he has shown and what he is more capable of doing in the next couple years, there is no doubt that scaling to the higher echelons among institutions is his surest bid. A decisive move coupled with strategic mechanisms (firmly carried out by designees of critical positions) means CTU can never go down this time. UICPA