Keeping appearances at world’s largest engineering platform

CTU Main Engineering Professor Ronald Galindo arrived at the University of Pittsburgh to represent the Philippines at the American Society of Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, world’s largest interdisciplinary mechanical engineering conference,

Dr. Galindo fulfilled the mandate on internationalization as he brought his idea on “Fabrication and Plumbing Works Using Pipe Fusion Thermal technology: A Mechanical Engineering Extension Services for the Drug Dependents” to Pennsylvania, U.S.A. on November 9-15.

Currently heading the CTU Asean Integration and Internationalization Office, his involvement in the conference resonates the university’s sensitivity to global standards especially expected of higher education institutions (HEIs).

Not only did he plan to present his paper but also to secure partnerships with universities. “This is a great opportunity for them to know that Cebu Technological University, an SUC IV, exists with our accredited programs,” said Engr. Galindo. AII/UICPA