Academic visit to Taiwan proves news of 2019 English summer camp

Attending the grandest event, thus far, of Taiwan’s National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) had never been as compelling as the hopeful note made by NKUST’s dean of internationalization made over lunch on December 8th in the country’s industrial capital—“a new batch of students in the summer of 2019 will be coming their way, yet again.”

Per MOA signed in January, the Summer English Program initiated in July of this year drew 32 NKUST students to CTU Danao for learning, fun and adventure.

Fast forward to December, just before the year closed out, a group of CTU personnel made their way on 7th and 8th to one of Asia’s rising economies, Taiwan.

Fulfilling the supposedly mundane task of attending a ceremony had turned out more meaningful as it was the first anniversary of one of CTU’s international partners—the biggest merger [in Kaohsiung] of three universities, the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.

CTU delegation led by CTU Danao campus director Rose Mary Almacen felt the accommodation was more than just a welcome; it was primed for extraordinary hospitality.

The entire experience can be alluded to the friendship between the two university presidents who both render unparalleled vision to meet the common good. It is likely that they are going for longevity  in terms of partnership now that the second goal (visiting NKUST) is done.

What’s more to ask than seeing the NKUST students (who came to CTU) welcome their Filipino friends, made easier by the twang of American English which they learned in the northern campus.

The group stations at E-DA Skylark Hotel where NKUST delivers such an impeccable gesture of welcome.

More comprehensible, their utterances seemed to linger each time they put across their messages, resonating the warmth they collectively exhibit to their guests who once hosted them back in July.

Each had a task to do; each had an exquisite climate to build during the 2-day academic visit.

Dr. Almacen recently sent her letter of commendation to the NKUST president following the group’s arrival on Sunday. UICPA