“Build, Build, Build”—a snug zone for the ‘Rose’

Dr. Rose Mary Almacen goes head to head with other campus directors to materialize “Build, Build, Build.”

The present administration’s “Build,Build,Build” paradigm going steady is a massive influence on how Monday for CTU Danao turned out despite the rain showers.

Groundbreaking for the 52-million Administration Building and inauguration of two learning facilities and five entrepreneurial spaces  all happening in one day is a bit of a snug zone for Dr. Rose Mary L. Almacen to start the year.

The Research Department and College of Engineering Building is turned over to Dr.  Gamaliel Gonzales and Engr. Delfa Castilla.
The College of Education Building is turned over to Dr. Roselyn Gonzales.
CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. (6th from left) and campus directors welcome new developments initiated by CTU Danao campus director Rose Mary L. Almacen (7th from left).

Affording appropriate venues for the research department and the colleges of engineering and education has created silver lining to the rather challenging major final outputs in research and instruction, which demand quality avenues where students and teachers could collaborate.

Meanwhile, the business centers—Books & Mugs, Desire (photo studio), Water Essence (refilling station), laundry station and Shopping  Bug (retail outlet for university products including Hablon)—fronting the institution along the national road, motivate other campuses to do the same as they would essentially generate additional income for the university.

Vice President for Publication, Extension and Business Affairs Edgar  Tibay  shared at the event his growing sense of pride at how much has been done to promote Cebuano culture through extension products, that draw unique stories from locals. 

Overwhelmed by the campus’ support at the event, she reiterated synergy as the core of her stint at the 2nd largest campus for many years among the 24 in terms of population (except in 2018 where it lagged behind CTU Moalboal with a difference of some 200 students).

Her leadership has marked numerous developments punctuated by an overhaul of landscape to keep with the demands of 21st century education.

The vision of transforming the northern campus from its blatantly laid-back physical setup has become a “positive addiction” especially with the Kadasig Gym added to her collection of masterpieces, which is hoped to open by the end of the 2nd quarter this year.

With aforesaid projects  included in over 35 constructions done in 4 years since 2015, CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. has been living up to his being an ASEAN Professional Engineer.

The direction certainly irks the university coffers as there are other areas to be improved, but Dr. Ancheta is headstrong in his stance as he repeatedly states the urgency of the matter in many of his inaugural speeches including the one on Monday.

An average of 8 buildings in a year is how Dr. Ancheta would want to set the bar for the university from  2015 and beyond.

Not only Dr. Almacen but all the campus directors have shown unbridled ambition to effect change with a touch of modernity in respective campuses. UICPA