Innovation director puts more SCOPUS, ISI labels on table

Asian scientist Lanndon Ocampo continues to contribute in the field of Industrial Engineering with his recent article, “Decision Modeling for Manufacturing Sustainability with Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process,” published in ISI-indexed Global Business Review Journal earlier this month, following  previous study, “Exploring the relationships between continuous improvement and predictive analytics,” in Scopus-indexed International Journal in Advanced Operations Management in December of 2018.

The former underscores a sustainable manufacturing system from a hybrid approach that captures uncertainty and subjectivity in decision-making. 

Co-authored by Brian J. Galli of Long Island University, Brookville NY, USA, the latter examines the elements and applications of predictive analytics (PA) models within the field of continuous improvement (CI).

He has had 67  international publications already of which 28 are under CTU. Dr. Ocampo first published  in 2012 while pursuing PhD studies in De La Salle University – Manila.

Bulking up his publication portfolio, he is looking forward to producing consistently in high impact journals  while working with academics from top-performing universities across the globe.

The university banks on ISI/SCOPUS-indexed publications as a mandate for SUCs/HEIs. This also implies wide readership among scholars who sustain the knowledge-generation agenda.

Ocampo is recently working on sustainable development studies, systemic risk analysis, optimization and multiple-criteria decision making analysis.

With more on the line, his numbers would certainly place the university at the fore, bearing credibility among research-oriented institutions.

He joined the CTU workforce in January of 2018 and is now the Director for International Research and Innovation. UICPA Danao/Christine Omela Ocampo