Trachtenberg touches young minds

Dr. Gamaliel Gonzales (leftmost) gathers Trachtenberg kids at the awarding ceremony in 2018.

The Trachtenberg— a system characterized by  a number of readily memorized formulas that allow one to perform computations very quickly—is in its 4th year.

Chosen as the  best extension program of 2018 at the Cebu Technological University’s annual extension services convention, the project has consistently trained a number of children in Danao City, which is inspired by Efren Penaflorida’s “pushcart classrooms.”

CTU Danao research director Gamaliel Gonzales began the project in 2016, armed with a  great deal of enthusiasm for teaching Mathematics.

Pushing carts to reach the kids in Sabang, Maslog and Taytay, Dr. Gonzales and his team have experienced the fulfillment.  Year after year, the project has gained massive support from said communities.

“Trachtenberg on Wheels: Madaling maging MATHtalino” now becomes the mantra for these kids who have engaged in the process.

As the new project leader, Prof. Lislee  Valle now has over 150 beneficiaries to attend to. Observing the  kids’ commitment to help themselves learn more, she has managed to persuade some CTU students to man the job.

Prof. Valle spoke in an interview of how much growth could be seen among the students who had previously dealt with Math in a rather difficult way.

Moreover, she promised to continue  doing what is best for the kids who would soon find much greater tasks ahead. UICPA Danao