‘Bold’ and ‘Gold’ CTU at the 6th Annual Aggregates Quiz

CTU 1st runner-up quizzers Brenan Labaya, Steve Restty Jayme and Angelo Sigue (7th through 9th from left) record another major win on January 26, 2019, boosting the university’s already magnified repertoire of engineering accolades.

CTU Main quizzers Brenan Labaya, Steve Restty Jayme, and Angelo Sigue proved “Bold and Gold” contenders at the 6th Annual Intercollegiate Aggregates Quiz on January 26 in UP Diliman.

Hailed as the country’s top engineering intercollegiate competition, the Be Bold. Be Gold-themed event culminated with CTU bringing home Php 20, 000 as prize for first-runner up and Php 10,000 for Saint Louis College Team A as 2nd runner-up.

At the crucial round of the competition, CTU almost had it, but the quick overturn favored De La Salle University thus taking the grand prize of Php 50,000.

An independent accomplishment signaled an almost perfect finish for CTU as Brenan Labaya became the top scorer among all participants in the individual written exams.

Meanwhile, the event also included mastery awards as: Mastery in Statics of Rigid Bodies (CTU Main); Mastery in Mechanic of Materials (CTU Danao); Mastery in Dynamics of Rigid Bodies (De La Salle University Manila); and Mastery in Engineering Mathematics (De La Salle University Manila).

@AggregatESQuiz reported that no one reached the minimum score to qualify for the Mastery in Fluid Mechanics Award. UICPA