CHED approves CTU President’s bid for reappointment

CTU President Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. is serving his second term of office effective March 2, 2019 through March 1, 2023 as per CHED declaration dated February 28, 2019, following unanimous decisions of the  Board of Regents (BOR) and the Evaluation Committee (EC).

Former UP Diliman President Emerlinda Roman led the Evaluation Committee (EC)  comprised of PASUC President Tirso Ronquillo, CHED R7 Director Maximo Aljibe, former CNU President Ester Velasquez (private sector representative) and Rhodora Magan (academic sector representative).

Dr. Ancheta’s infrastructure development, international mobility, and various opportunities resonated well with stakeholders especially the students, who had but pure accolade for the president’s performance during the interview.

EC members underscored the student leaders’ articulation of their interest to help the president attain the government’s mandate  in that it showed how much of an influence he is to them.

Apart from students were academics who were randomly selected on the night of February 21. The same narrative was echoed, establishing a collective stance on CTU’s development moving forward.

A majority of them in the Main Campus were prioritized as distance would warrant timely arrival at the venue [Bai Hotel], assuring safety to all concerned given the ongoing demolition and construction  in the former.

The committee also visited the campuses in Danao, Argao and Carmen in separate dates to verify the candidate’s accomplishments over the last four years.

Proximity was highly considered in the selection of sites to maximize time, based on the committee’s decision in a meeting at CHED Central Office on January 22, for a series of  interviews (on the 22nd of February) among 5 groups —non-teaching employees, faculty, students, alumni and university key officials.

Responding to the frequently mentioned  “Build, Build,Build” paradigm of Dr. Ancheta all throughout the schedule, one of the EC members explained the ease of working once environment is secured, which results in productivity and efficiency.

Given four years more, the president, in a talk with UICPA, said he has more time to improve the university’s rank, which is currently at 36 from way below 100 in 2016.

Notching a spot at the top-10 list has always been  his significant fight, necessitating an overhaul of one of  the country’s  biggest state universities.

Dr. Ancheta has yet to announce his investiture, as he declined doing the ceremony when he first became president in 2015. UICPA