CTU slams contenders at 2018 SCUAA regionals

Discrediting the no-National-SCUAA-Games policy that could have possibly affected the outcome, defending champion Cebu Technological University still gave more than what it took to clinging to winning statistics—127 golds, 81 silvers and 52 bronzes at the recently concluded 2018 Regional State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA)  Games in Cebu City.

Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) came in second with 100-59-45 finish; event host Cebu Normal University recorded 31-64-56, that critically held the third spot against Bohol Island State University (BISU) owing to the one-gold deficit in its 30-73-107  clinch;  and Siquijor State College (SSC) placed 4th  with 6-4-12 sequence.

CTU Sports Director Nemia Zamora commended CTU President Rosein Ancheta  Jr.  for keeping the fire in the interest of the university through the years, as regionals has always been CTU’s turf.

Quite candid about the athlete’s supposed incentive, Dr. Zamora told UICPA on how persistence played a huge part in wielding success: “Even if CTU does not give  special incentives to our athletes (since tuition fee is no longer a concern), still they played and did their best, just for the love of the game.”

CTU athletes strut at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Regional SCUAA Games at the Cebu Sports Complex on Sunday,February 10, 2019.

She also alluded the overwhelming performances to the CTU Tuburan-hosted Angara Cup  in January, saying “it served us a warm-up activity,”  which really kept her cool toward the  players’ preparation to test  yet again the waters at regionals.

How she had figured the entire journey clearly pointed to the frequently mentioned support system as her major ‘go-to’ when it comes to offering the university another trophy since she became university sports director.

“CTU would not be a champion for 3 consecutive years without the … campus sports coordinators, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and of course the campus directors.”

Her proclivity  for winning clearly draws amplitude from  how she envisioned the university sports organization moving forward: “If only [I am] given the chance to hire more trainers (those who are really … knowledgeable …),  I am apt to hiring them (with budget in mind) as it is really my dream. I intend to lobby this  issue to the management, but I  need to come up with a presentation on the profile of our sports program, with significant inputs from the  campus sports coordinators hopefully during summer break.”
With no national games interrupting the strategic meeting, she reiterates the advantage of keeping  CTU athletes  “intact and ready” until the 2020 National SCUAA Games. UICPA