CTU Tuburan gets nod from Thailand’s BIOTEC to spur research agenda

Dr. Pedrito Pontillas (L) seeks support from Thailand’s BIOTEC for CTU Tuburan’s growing research capability.

CTU Tuburan Campus Director Pedrito Pontillas and the team confirmed support from the National Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research (BIOTEC) last week through more trainings and scholarships on research for the faculty.

Invitation from BIOTEC Executive Director Somvong Tragoonrung provided Dr. Pontillas’ the chance of becoming a major player in the  research community on account of  the former’s green light to  allow the latter’s academics to use its research facilities.

CTU Tuburan makes it to the list of universities (including CTU Barili and CTU Argao) to have been given the privilege of working with Thailand’s renowned experts.

Following a whole-day engagement at BIOTEC, the team visited other top-rank universities and facilities as: Asian Institute of Technology, Thamasat University, Enzyme Technology Research Team, Biocontrol Technology Research Team, Thailand Bioresearch Center, Food Biotechnology Research Team, Plant Factory and Thailand Science Park. Jleian Mard M. Loseñara/UICPA