President sidelines Japanese university to push pedal for internationalization

Keeping appearances at the global stage has been CTU President Rosein Ancheta’s maxim since assumption of office in 2015.

Alongside attending the 8th Civil Engineering Conference, CTU President Rosein Ancheta sidelined Japan’s University of Toyo to prove his proclivity on collaborating with an institution that would still most assuredly keep its niche in the coming years despite erratic behavior of the technological enterprise.

In common with men of his rank, Dr. Ancheta could not help but make his way to some of the world’s top universities and encourage colleagues to do the same, ensuring a vast network of friends in the academe for CTU’s survival in the “industry 4-0” era.

In a statement to UICPA, he hinted at a MOA that would soon find CTU faculty, staff and students enjoying the benefits of academic exchange, scholarships and more.

His presence at the conference would definitely send a message to Asian dignitaries of the university’s commitment toward ASEAN integration agenda. UICPA