San Diego hosts CTU and more for info-infra talk

Director for Automation, Innovation and Computing  Johannes Camasura and other experts from across the globe discussed on the most relevant issues to information infrastructure last month  at the 2019 Annual Conference in San Diego, USA.

First quarter for Cebu Technological University significantly marked the accomplishment as a major step toward a strong and reliable connection  afforded to its constituents.

Currently  PRIME’s On-site Technical Contact, Dir. Camasura banks on various educational opportunities via research, which the convention capitalizes on as a means to definitely impact change by channeling the capability of a high-speed network.

Prof. Camasura also attended the APRICOT 2019 Workshops in February in South Korea, focusing on similar agenda.

Both international trips were shouldered by PRIME—one of the university’s research partners for years now. AII/UICPA