Finally taking on commencement speaker role spills a lot from CHED chair

from left: CHED Region VII Director Maximo Aljibe, CHED Chair Prospero de Vera III, CTU President Rosein Ancheta Jr. and CTU Danao Campus Director Rose Mary Almacen

However strong the opposition to any role during commencement rites in many years, CHED chair J. Prospero de Vera III found himself behind the podium to succumb to Wednesday’s call to speak at the 68th commencement rites, spilling much inspiration from his life before he became one of Philippine president’s cabinet members.

It eventually became an easy yes for Dr. de Vera, at the behest of Cebu Technological University (CTU ) President Rosein Ancheta Jr., a situation he clarified during his talk as  coincidental with his job to visit state universities and colleges (SUCs) in Cebu Province (which blatantly included those of CTU’s 25 campuses as of late).

He delivered a rather lengthy speech, having everyone all ears while  recounting his own  joyride to success. Always rising up to the occasion, he formidably spoke to the graduates as he profoundly expounded on  life lessons that especially worked for him. 

It appeared contrary to his being initially dismissive of such an engagement, which falls under the category of those things he sort of usually declined until recently due to his busy schedule.

Immediately after the talk, Dr. Ancheta then segued into showing him CTU Danao’s  recently opened Fablab before heading to other CTU northern campuses with CHED Region 7 Director Maximo Aljibe.

Dr. de Vera has been consistently positive with the university’s initiatives since CTU president assumed office in 2015.  UICPA