CTU Danao Fablab aligns with industry 4.0

“We aim to make almost anything here,” said CTU Danao Fablab (CDF) manager Christine Omela Ocampo.

CDF goes for a wide array of product conceptualization and design in line with the CTU’s goal, University 4.0, giving everyone access to a range of advanced digital manufacturing technology.Here, creative and innovative ideas are materialized through digital fabrication with the capability of highly digitized machines available in the fablab.

Various technology-enabled product designs and prototypes like 3D printed objects, wood/metal/plastic laser-engraved products, tarpaulin, stickers and more, can be created through computer-controlled equipment such as 3D printers and scanner, CNC router, Desktop CNC Machine, Laser Cutter and Engraver, Large Format Printer and Vacuum Forming Machine. About Php 10-Million worth of these Fablab equipment and tools were provided by the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI).

In  its pre-launch stage, the fablab  had completed training Danao campus students and faculty. The activity included  designing using the 3D designing software, actual handling, and maintenance of the equipment. With the operators’ increased expertise, more and more prototypes were being created, involving students showcasing their ideas turned into reality.

Aside from CTU Danao being the main beneficiary of the facility, the fablab is now accepting clients from MSMEs within Danao City and its neighboring municipalities, with the assistance of DTI . The fablab welcomes new entrepreneurs and enables them to develop their own designs beneficial to their respective businesses.

At the moment, fablab managers and directors are developing strategic plans to ensure its sustainability and clear direction of the facility. It also aims to be able to set priorities in order to strengthen its operations. As an income generating facility, the financial structure is currently being studied. Prof. Christine Omela Ocampo